Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Face On Mars...Scam

15 Years ago I got burned buying the Face On Mars Stamp set. They are still collectors items
and now if the Mars Mission finds life in the ice water...who knows what this collection might be worth.

Q. Tell me about the Face of Mars stamps. Are they really worth several thousand dollars?

No. About ten years ago a promoter and non-APS member Alan Shawn Feinstein touted this set of postage stamps from Sierra Leone. His target market was non-stamp collectors. The philatelic community stayed away and there was much press in the stamp media warning collectors. But his ads were in non-philatelic newspapers and magazines so our warnings never reached those outside the hobby. The asking price was as much as several thousand dollars. The current Scott catalog lists this set (1167-71) with a value of $100 and you can often find them from reputable dealers for even less.

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